Indoor Golf Instruction and Lessons

TNT Virtual Golf works with some of the best golf instructors in the Westchester County area to provide a year-round golf learning experience.

Our team of local golf professionals, work with golfers of all ages and skill levels to improve their technique and strategy while building confidence.

From entry-level to low-handicap golfers. You will learn, practice and improve under the guidance of our instructors and 3-D high speed motion capture technology.

Whether you’re looking for a less intimidating way to start playing golf, or want to fine-tune your skills, TNT Virtual Golf has the right instructor for you. Convenient morning and mid-day class times are perfect for even the busiest of schedules.null

Our PGA Pros

  • Glen Walden – Beekman Country Club
  • Shawn Sweeney – Rockland Country Club
  • Mark Thornewell – NY Country Club
  • Mike Laudien – Philip J Rotella Golf Course

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